Camera Equipment

My apologies if you came here looking for an extensive and exhaustive list of equipment I use and/or have used. It would be a long list. That said, I currently  use Canon full-frame and crop sensor cameras exclusively (incredible reliability, never had a Canon camera, or lens for that matter, fail me yet.) My lenses are also mostly Canon also although I do own a couple of good quality Tamrons.

For me, it’s not, and has never been so much about the equipment (as long as it’s reliable), it has always been about the adventure, about capturing that magic moment in time, about that incredible light I froze forever in an image, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, good equipment doesn’t hurt but some of my all time best selling images were shot with very inexpensive equipment, it's more about being there to capture the moment. One thing I do do without fail is take the time to sit down and learn how every piece of my equipment functions before I go out into the field so I am totally prepared when the moment strikes - I believe that being prepared and knowing how to use the equipment is much more important than what particular camera and lens(es) you are using.

There are some pieces of equipment besides the camera and lens I find indispensable - one of them being a good, solid but lightweight (so you don’t so much mind bringing it) tripod. Even with the advent of image stabilizers I shoot much of my work on a tripod, not only because I want to make sure of the sharpness of the image but also because I often shoot in low light (by the dawn's early light...)

I also make good use of filters. In my opinion a polarizing filter is a must, as its effects cannot be duplicated in editing software. And I always have neutral density filters with me for lighting and contrast control. And, when one of those filters isn’t on, a good “lens protecting” clear filter is, to protect the glass.

So, let's not fixate on the equipment, let's get out there and shoot!