A few unsolicited quotes about my work that I especially enjoyed:

“Your work is luminous, atmospheric and compelling.  You have succeeded in conveying the elusive qualities of these wonderful places....caught them in their best light.”

“Suncatcher looks positively mystical - like a painting in a book of fairy tales!”

“Wow! Beautiful interplay of colors and light.”

“Your latest images are fabulous! You capture such depth and beauty.”

“The May photos are beautiful, what serenity, you are truly doing what spirit is guiding you to do.”

“I can’t believe that I can look at a snow covered image [in the middle of winter] and still have it take my breath away. You are so talented.”

“It’s easier to capture the grandeur of National Parks and other glamour spots... its all right there, waiting and obvious... but to also uncover the subtle beauty of the Northeast so consistently takes a rare talent...”

“Your photography is far and away the best I have ever seen of the Park.  We have had literally hundreds of photographers, from amateurs to pros submit photographs to us over the years and nothing comes close to your work.”

“....stunning photography, truly nothing short of spectacular.

“Fabulous.  you really manage to capture the spirit of the place.  I love the lighting in “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” – so hard to capture that in-between time so beautifully!”

“Wow, two breathtaking photos!  Very nice.  It still amazes me how you seem to be guided from above to the right spots at the right times.”