About the Triptychs

Triptych is a Greek word meaning ‘three panels.’ Each panel is a gallery-wrapped canvas on a 1-1/4 inch deep high quality solid wood “stretcher” frame. “Gallery-wrapped” means the canvas is stretched taut and wrapped completely around to the back of the frame.

You are getting a true art piece completed from scratch by me, the artist. I do all the work: create each file for printing, print it with Epson Ultrachrome HDR Inks, coat them with a protective lacquer, then stretch them by hand. All materials are archival. This is a lot of labor but I do it to ensure that every panel is done right. I have seen the work of companies who mass produce gallery-wraps and the quality is just not there - some of them even use cardboard instead of wood frames which means the work is not gallery-wrapped at all!

Also, my triptych printing technique is unique - on interior panel sides, I print a portion of the panel next to it resulting in you being able to see the complete image while viewing it from virtually anywhere in your room resulting in a  stunning 3D look!                                                                

I can create a triptych for any of my images - horizontal as well as vertical orientation. They are available four different  sizes (horizontal sizes listed below, for vertical triptychs just reverse the measurements):

[includes a 1 - 1-1/2” space between panels]
Standard Size:                     38” wide x 24” high
Large:                                       48” wide x 32” high
Extra Large*:                      60” wide x 36” high
King Size**:                          75” wide x 48” high
*numbered limited edition of 100
** numbered limited edition of 25

Consider one of my vertical triptychs like the one to the right - very unique!

Every piece handmade and guaranteed by the Artist!