What’s New

I want to  thank everyone for the extraordinary weekend I had at the Allentown Art Festival  in Buffalo.

Allentown was my first art festival ever, the start of  this wonderful career. And now, 22 years later, I  enjoyed so many friends, supporters and past customers who stopped by to express their continuing  appreciation of my work. It is only because of you that I am allowed and  privileged to continue to express my love for this beautiful world through my  own unique way of seeing it. In these tumultuous, divisive times, I truly  believe that my work is more important than ever, bringing us together outside  of politics, religion and differing beliefs, to see what we all agree is so  special about this world in which we all live.

Thank you all  so so much.

Next to Toledo, Ohio, a show held in the beautiful (so I’ve heard, this is my first time there) Crosby Botanical Gardens , then on to Rochester for the venerable Corn Hill Art Festival in July. My full schedule is now up. Hope to see you at the shows this summer and fall!

I've posted a few teaser images of my new color infrared images on my Facebook page. I’ve been shooting both color and black & white infrared for a few months now and I've fallen in love with the results. I don't have them posted here on the website yet, I hope to add them soon, so in the meantime, come and see them in their full size glory at a show!