What’s New

The art show season is beginning! I travel to Harrisburg, PA, for the Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg first, then on to Cincinnati, OH for the great Summerfair event, then back to Buffalo for my 22nd Allentown Art Festival (was my first show ever 22 years ago!) My full schedule is now up. Hope to see you at the shows this summer and fall!

I've posted a few teaser images of my new color infrared images on my Facebook page. I’ve been shooting both color and black & white infrared for a few months now and I've fallen in love with the results. I don't have them posted here on the website yet, I hope to add them soon, so in the meantime, come and see them in their full size glory at a show!

I would like to thank everyone for your support over the years - without you I wouldn't be able to continue to share with you my unique vision of this beautiful world of ours. Thank you!